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When two hobbies become one...

Updated: Oct 31, 2019

I was 6 years old when I had my first ballet lesson, and 16 when I had my last one. I remember clearly the first time on stage, the first time dancing with a boy, and the first time I had to put on point-shoes. Ballet is the number one foundation for every dancer. You learn how to maintain discipline and upright carriage. How to move and use your body in the most graceful and elegant way. Last but not least, you discover how to tell stories with your body.

Telling stories without using words intrigued me from an early age. There are many ways to tell stories without words. The methods I identify the most with are pantomime (similar to ballet performances), music, paintings, sketches or photography. And photography is the part I want to focus on today.

I got my first camera in 2014. I started by taking photos of nature, animals and people. Random things that struck my eye while walking to school, on the way to an appointment, during vacation and so on. Last year, in October, I teamed up with some of my professional dancer friends. They were in their last years of becoming professional dancers at State Ballet School Berlin. Later, in June 2019, some of the performing artists and contemporary dancers joined our collective.

It's always a pleasure to shoot with professional dancers. If you want me to share any tips, just comment down below and I'll share some of my experiences, tricks, techniques and tips in an extra blog post. :)

For now, enjoy a sample of the results of the 7-day shoot in 2019. I hope it's a source of inspiration!

If you are keen to check out more, do not hesitate to click here

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