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It is a great passion of mine to reach out to students and help them improve their day-to-day English. Students come and go as I continue to help them, but I always find myself in constant contact with both current and former clients.

This is why I have decided to launch my Youtube channel "Learn English with Steve" It is my hope that new and current students can continue their studies and join a community of fellow English learners. This way they can keep practicing on their own time, making it a lot more convenient.

Though the channel is in its baby stage at the moment, I am very excited about bringing regular content as well as downloadable exercises so that my current, former, and new students can continue their studies.

As with any community project, I will be focusing on bringing attention to the channel as much as possible. Because of this, I need you... Yes YOU... The first stage of learning something is asking a question. So I am challenging all who see this to bring your questions forward and together we can all learn something.

Stay tuned for more details coming soon, but for now, check out my channel on Youtube. I encourage everyone to like and subscribe, as well as comment with any content you would like to see there.


Steve Raywood

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