heaven in 2 minutes

Do you know the moment when you want to eat but you are not enormously hungry? Well...I DO!!!!! I came home after a hard day of school and my stomach started growling. To the refrigerator, I run. Hmmm..... Nothing inside except a slice of ham and cheese. No bread at all. "Wait a second!" There are two pieces of bread but they taste awful without toasting them. We have a sandwich maker! Two pieces of toast, one slice of ham, a slice of stinky cheese and "Wooooo baby!" It felt like I´d been working on this piece of heaven for hours but I hadn´t. This is where everything changed. People in school would ask themselves what is that great smell coming from the kitchen downstairs? However, it was not coming from downstairs, it was in fact, coming from my lunchbox.

Not even two days had passed and I made two € with this delicious unhealthy piece of bread which I got addicted to. This was the start of my big, but temporary, Sandwich Empire. I made sandwiches in the morning and sold them at breakfast time. I was earning cash. However, such a beautiful business as this one, couldn't exist for a long time. "All good things come to an end." In other words, I got busted. After a discussion with the school principal, we... he decided that this business had not been fully thought out. Despite my argument that the food in the cafeteria could only be described as catastrophic. I held the recipe as a secret for a long time but, the time has come to share "heaven" with people. The hot melted cheese flowing out of the sandwich in such a big amount that you can see the ham. Believe me, it is an awesome experience. But, don´t forget to keep this under control and to not overdo it.

In the end, it is just to stop the hunger pains and to eat a really great sandwich. It is also a story to share and write a blog for the website of your English teacher. So onto the recipe. I am not as good at this as Caro, but I will do my best:

-One piece of melting cheese

-One slice of ham

-Two pieces of toast

-A sandwich-maker (butter is optional, but tastes better.)

-You can also use a frying pan if you don't have a sandwich maker.

What is your favourite recipe to kill those hunger pains? Post a comment below, I would love to hear your ideas.

Until next time,


PS. Photos coming soon!

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