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Berlin Photo Week 2019 - Personal Recap

The Berlin Photo Week, hosted by EyeEm, is a creative photo festival, that was initiated by EyeEm and Photo Specialist Benjamin Jäger in 2018. This year, the Berlin Photo Week took place between october 11th and 13th at Kraftwerk Berlin. The festival celebrates everything amazing around photography: artists, technology, stories behind the images, forming new connections and my absolute favourite part - discovering new talents. Every year, the world's largest photography competition, the EyeEm Awards, takes place at the Berlin Photo Week and announces the winners of different photo categories and the photographer of the year. This year's categories have been: the portraitist, the traveller, the foodie, the creative, the minimalist, the street photographer, the great outdoors, the architect, the photojournalist and the mobile photographer.

Yes, you have read correctly: The mobile photographer. From this year on, they are looking for creative, innovative or special photos that you have taken with your phone. Therefore it doesn't matter if it was a staged shot or just a moment you captured by lucky accident. In my opinion, this is a big step forward, since nowadays almost everyone is taking pictures with their smartphones. But the Photo Week offers way more. As already mentioned, they celebrate the artists. That means you will find various exhibitions showing new and creative ways of storytelling by simply taking a picture.

You'll also find fair stands of photo equipment and printing companies, that are making it possible for everyone to rent (new) photo equipment for about an hour each and try it out on different sceneries and shooting setups, such as light painting, fashion, motions and many more. You can also get your photos printed up to size A2, have your pictures taken by several professional studio photographers, your equipment cleaned professionally, your portfolio reviewed or attend workshops hosted by star photographers, videographers or companies. And I haven't even told you the best part about it: It is free! I went there without spending any money, except for food or drinks, but even those are affordable for everyone. Look at the gallery down below to get an idea of what is possible to create during the public workshops.

Of course, you will also find advanced workshops and events, that are invitation-only, and go beyond public interests. You get a chance to make an application by sending them your portfolio, and if you get accepted, you get (for example) to test a wide range of newer premium equipment or shoot a campaign together with other handpicked photographers. This way not only professionals get access to the advanced program, but newcomers and feature talents also have the chance to develop and make new connections.

There are also VIP events, like the conference, where you can hear from top photographers, photo editors, art directors, photojournalists, and visual tech experts from various photo equipment companies. Those events require an admission fee but are incredibly valuable.

All in all the Berlin Photo Week covers a wide range of interests and I've seen many families, groups of teenagers or friends, business leaders and celebrities attending the event. Have you been to Berlin Photo Week and want to share your experience? Just comment down below! I am looking forward to hearing from you!


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