About Me

Learning English can be a long and difficult task. However, that does not mean it has to be incredibly boring. You'll learn much faster if it's interesting. This is the foundation of my teaching style. With 1:1, or small groups, I am able to customize the classes and material to your interests while at the same time, bringing you closer and closer to your goals for English.


I have worked with students of all ages, levels, and from many different countries. Each native language brings its own challenges to learning English and I have the tools, experience and attitude that will help you excel no matter which point you are starting from.

We can start from the very beginning, for a full review, or we can break it down into sections where you are facing difficulties. Each lesson is made for a specific topic and you will find yourself mastering them quickly. We will push ahead, expanding your vocabulary, pronunciation, and fluency. We will add a review of topics we have covered and bring them into the new topics so that previous skills remain strong.


Everything is set to your pace, with a slight challenge added to move you forward. All materials will be provided, and I am constantly adding more material to my library on a weekly basis. All you will need is a binder, pen, paper, and a desire to improve your English.

Not sure where to begin? Book a free 1:1 consultation with me. I can assess your current skills and offer some feedback. At that point, we can decide where you would like to be, and how we will get you there. We can focus on any point where you feel you need the most work, or we can tackle everything from grammar to conversation. These will be lessons that are 100% customized to your needs.


Still sceptical? Scroll down to read some of the feedback from students of the past and present. I sincerely look forward to working with you.

- Steve Raywood


— Ale Vinelli

“Steve has a very good teaching method.
It's also a pleasure studying English with him.
100% professional!
Highly recommended.”

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